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The CR1632 battery is a very common key fob replacement battery. The name brand CR1632 has a more thorough quality inspection process but is essentially the same specs and capacity as lesser known brands. Replacing your own key fob is a breeze and a quick search on youtube will turn up your model and instructions on how to change the battery. Just use the search term “Model Year + Key Fob Battery” for example “Nissan Altima 2012 Key fob battery. Car dealerships mark up the price by over 1000% so don’t pay exorbitant prices for the same battery you can buy from us at a fraction of the price.

Best & Cheapest CR1632

By far the cheapest and best CR1632 is made by PKCELL. It is comparable to energizer ECR1632 and Duracell DL1632. These name brand batteries are made to more strict quality control standards whereas PKCELL is mass made with less stringent quality control. That is not to say it is any less of a battery but if you are using a medical device or a very electrically sensitive device it is best to choose the name brand.